New Jersey Family Lawyer, Gina Calogero Featured on CBS News Sheds Light On “Pet Pre-Nups”

Gina Calogero, a divorce and family law attorney in Oradell, NJ, discusses prenuptial agreements for pets or “Pup-Nups,” and why it’s important for pet owners.

ORADELL, NJ • January 5, 2015 – Gina Calogero, a New Jersey based attorney who concentrates in animal law, was featured on CBS News discussing prenuptial agreements for pets or “Pup-Nups.” (See Video) Gina Calogero is one of many animal law attorneys across the country who have reported a rise in pet custody battles. Recognized by many of her peers for helping couples with pet custody cases and for all her work in animal law, Calogero takes this opportunity to explain to pet owners why it is important to get a pet pre-nup, specifically related to fighting for pet custody rights.

Gina Calogero paved the way to have New Jersey family courts consider animals more than just material possessions. Many people treat their pets as if they are part of the family, but what happens if the family breaks up or if the couple gets divorced? “They will fight to the death for these animals,” pet custody lawyer Gina Calogero said. “And if you don’t have an agreement known as the “pup-nup, it could cost you a small fortune,” adds Calogero. “One of my clients spent over $30,000 fighting for her dog.”

The advantage of a pup-nup is that the parties are negotiating it while they are in a relationship, they love each other and their dogs and cats and they what to do what’s in the pet’s best interest. What she is trying to say is, with a “pup-nup,” you don’t have to spend your life savings or engage in a bitter battle fighting for your pet custody rights. Think of it as a pre-nuptial agreement, but the “pup nup”– or “pre-pup” as they are also called — specifies who gets custody of a pet before you even bring it home. A pup-nup can help lay this all out in advance, along with other considerations like financial responsibilities, even if the couple stays together.

Gina Calogero founded her law firm, Gina Calogero Law, in 1993. Her areas of practice include Animal Law, Divorce/Family Law, Domestic Violence, and Mediation. She takes pride in providing compassionate, professional legal advice for businesses, families and their companion pets & animals. Gina Calogero is an alumnus of Douglas College of Rutgers University and Rutgers Law School Newark. In the past, Gina Calogero has been recognized by the Bergenfield Women’s Club, Italian American Police Society, Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders and Emerson Environmental Commission for her tireless efforts on behalf of the environment, domestic violence victims and animals.

Gina Calogero is also a member of Women Lawyers in Bergen, the Bergen County Bar Association and the Animal Law Committee and Family Law Section of the New Jersey Bar Association. She is the author of “Pitfalls for Pitbulls,” which was published in the August 2005 edition of New Jersey Lawyer magazine. She has also appeared on both The Today Show and Eyewitness News First at Four.

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