Jury finds cat vet innocent of neglect – Michael J. Feeney
2007 © The Record (Bergen Co., NJ)

Vet defends his care of cat:
Testifies illness, not error, may have led to death – John Petrick
March 29, 2007 © The Record (Bergen Co., NJ)

Judge reduces sentences of animal rights activists – Tom Howell Jr.
March 21, 2007 © The New Jersey Herald

Rare veterinary malpractice suit goes to trial – John Petrick
2007 © The Record (Bergen Co., NJ)

August 2005 New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, “Animal Law”
Author, “Pitfalls for Pitbulls: NJ’s Vicious Dog Act.”

Published Opinions

Donato v. Moldow, 374 N. J. Super. 475 (App. Div. 2005)
Landmark decision regarding liability of webmaster for defamation by anonymous third parties; first NJ case to interpret and apply the immunity provisions of the Federal Communications Decency Act to webmasters.

State v. Smith, 294 N. J. Super. 399 (Law Div. 1996)
Only reported decision to interpret the Vicious Dog Act, held that the procedural protections of the Act should be strictly construed in favor of the defendant.

M. C. Associates v. Shah, 226 N. J. Super. 173 (App. Div. 1988)
Interpreted the provisions of the anti-eviction law dealing with building code violations.

Houseman v. Dare, 405 N. J. Super. 538 (App. Div. 2009). Landmark decision that recognized a cause of action for custody or possession of a companion animal and authorized family law courts to either enforce existing custody and visitation agreements or, where no agreement exists, to create an equitable remedy for litigants fighting over custody of a companion animal. On remand, the plaintiff was awarded alternating 5 week periods of custody of the Pug dog “Dexter” that she had purchased with her fiance.

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