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Here’s what people are saying about lawyer Gina A Calogero

A professional, get it done quickly and correctly attorney.

Steve Aronoff

Gina guided me through the emotional difficulties of family law with close attention and honesty. I value her as a professional and would highly recommend her.

Dina Santoro

Best lawyer. Great attention to detail. Very caring also.

Audrey Caspari

Gina is a true professional, who fights to get justice for what is right under the law. Have always had positive experiences with her. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Cherilyn Johnson

Gina was very patient and knowledgeable with me… I always recommend her to anyone seeking legal advice or representation. Her years of experience and excellent communication skills make it a pleasure to work with her. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Lynn W

Gina is by far the best lawyer I have ever worked with. I was lucky enough to have her as my family court lawyer, her fearless attitude and drive to win made a stressful situation feel more manageable, she will fight for your rights it’s not just about the money, she actually loves what she does which is very rare in a lawyer, I highly recommend Gina she is more than 5 stars I would rate her a 10.

Nicholas Longley

Gina is the best! We had an incident with our two Rottweilers, and the Animal Control Officer took them and was looking to deem them potentially dangerous. I contacted Gina and she saw my wife and I right away. Gina is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with and Annette, who works with Gina, keeps you up to date on everything. The potentially dangerous charges were dropped and the prosecutor acknowledged Gina’s expertise in dog law and the judge thanked her on the record for enlightening him on the potentially dangerous law! We highly recommend Gina; you will not find anyone more knowledgeable or caring.

Peter Blair

She’s great. Very friendly and won’t stop until you win.

Brian Lopez

Gina is an outstanding family attorney. She made me feel at ease during my divorce. She was to the point and didn’t prolong the process or spend time on insignificant issues. I highly recommend her services.

Elizabete Schaefer

Gina was efficient, thoughtful and did more than what was expected. The office promptly returned my calls and emails in a timely manner to my satisfaction. When speaking with Gina, she provided all options and walked through each with me so I clearly understood my options. I never felt rushed and Gina’s attention was on me and nothing else, which I appreciated.

Catherine Gloria

Gina and Annette worked together as a team to resolve a complicated and problematic estate real estate sale. The buyer’s attorney made mistakes and Gina worked them to resolution. Pleasure to work with Gina.

Tom Whieldon

Gina worked very closely with my sister and was incredible. My sister was going through a tough time in her relationship and decided to end it. All she wanted was custody of her dog. We were referred to Gina through a friend. Gina sat down with us, explained the entire process and everything we would need to prepare for our most favorable outcome. She was very patient with us and meticulous once we got to the mediation. If it wasn’t for Gina, I don’t know what my sister would have done. I highly recommend Gina!

John Delgado

I hired Gina as my attorney for my pet custody case. I had just left a terrible relationship and my dog was being held hostage. She exceeded my expectations by a landslide. She was so precise and thorough that my case never went physically before a judge. He ended up giving up and relinquishing all rights to me, two days before the court date. Gina has continued working even after I received full custody. She filed the paperwork to change my dogs name legally to mine and changed her microchip info. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome. If you are in need of a good attorney AND a good person I highly recommend her. Was worth every penny!

Christine Bosch

Gina is a very professional and intelligent attorney who actually cares about her clients. She has an excellent level of expertise in the legal field. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an attorney who will fight by your side until the end.

Eric Saharig

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